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The first public meeting of the Porcupine Music Festival de Musique was held in the Town Hall on Thursday September 28, 1939 in Timmins, Ontario. At that meeting it was moved by Mayor James Bartleman and seconded by Mr. Arthur Skelly that a Music Festival Association be formed. Other decisions made at that first meeting were that the Teachers' Organization would draw up a syllabus, that certificates were to be presented instead of prizes and various ribbons would be attached as a special significance. There would be a 10 cent admission to adjudication sessions and a slightly higher charge for the final concert which would feature a choir and a mixed orchestra as well as the more successful participants.

Since that first meeting in 1939, certain aspects of the Festival have not changed. The success of the Festival has always relied on hundreds of individuals who volunteer their time and energy because they believe in the importance of musical development as a positive attribute to the City of Timmins. Another consistent factor has been the excellent teaching of music found in the Porcupine area and surrounding district. The close relationship with the City has continued.

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